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Intrapreneur Manifest

I value:

Delivering tangible value over being a show-off.
Working side by side with the customer over crafting solutions up-front.
Being flexible and able to adapt over following the rulebook.
Doing and validating over talking and talking.
Experimenting rapidly and making decisions over listening to the loudest voice or the highest-paid person's opinion.
(That is, while there is value in the items on the right, I value the items on the left more.)


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    I am responsible
    I'm not pointing fingers when things go wrong.
  • 2

    I seek feedback
    I'm not in love with myself and invite others to think critically about my ideas.
  • 3

    It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission
    I respect the management structure but to make a difference, everybody needs to adapt.
  • 4

    I don't overengineer
    Evolution does not happen overnight. Innovation comes iteratively and incrementally.
  • 5

    I'm not playing solitaire
    I build self-organizing teams. I say no to one-man show and no to hero culture.
  • 6

    I manage my motivation
    I don't cry when things don't go well. I am the one who motivates others during tough times.
  • 7

    I am open-minded
    I am always prepared to change my view and be enlightened by data coming from experiments.
  • 8

    I am respectful of others
    I do not mock people who are set in their ways. I don't push them beyond their limits. I reflect on their risks and fears in what I do.
  • 9

    I am accepting the risks
    The riskier the road, the greater the profit. But in any and every case, I own the consequences.
  • 10

    I finish what I start
    There is no leftover. I see the end of things I do even if it means admitting failure.

(No matter how much I strive to honor these principles, I will accept failure when it happens. I will consciously fight for the principles nonetheless.)

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Why did we create this manifest?

We are Dalibor & Michal from the company Outboxers and Daniel, our friend. We have been Intrapreneurs for a long, long time. We recognize the challenges in driving change and want to help each other .